1. Yeah stretching is not easy it takes a lot of effort, patience, lots of conditioning to soften the new growth and low manipulation. I try to avoid styles that will put too much tention on my hair. I bun all the time from 7 weeks and only have my hair out on Sundays when Im going to church. I plan to stretch for 16 weeks, 5weeks more.lol

  2. I agree Nadine. When I stretch for 16 weeks I do more harm than good. I would never go back to the days of texlaxing every 4 weeks but you have to find a schedule that's at just the right time to maintain thickness without causing damage. Now I'm on a 8-10 schedule.

  3. Finding a time frame that works for you is sooo true, not everyone can go 16 weeks, I think that 16 weeks is a real push for me and I am going to try relaxing every 12-14 weeks instead, see if that is any better.

  4. hi jeni,you are my biggest inspiration on my hhj,though i just begun about 2 weeks ago.thank you!!!!! Pls how do i identify split ends? My hair a mix of black and brown colour

    1. Author

      Awww, thank YOU!

      Try either sitting in front of a lamp or window and hold your hair up to the light, you'll be able to see whether your ends split that way.

  5. I'm 13 weeks post and I plan on self relaxing on Thursday. I haven't self relaxed in over 10 yrs so needless to say I'm rusty. After watching your video a million times, I'm going to attempt the half/half method. My only concern is what to do if I get the front half wet while washing the back half? Please help!

    1. Author

      Blot it with a towel and use a handheld dryer on the lowest heat setting or cool.

      If the shower cap is snug in the part between the halves and behind your ears (using clips to keep it in line) you should be okay. I've never had any leaks under the cap and I wash the back out as normal. I just make sure I don't push the shower caps out of place.

      Good luck on the touch up, let me know how it goes!

    2. Although I was very nervous my touch up went very well. Next touch up I'm going to try the left/right method instead of front/back. Your blog has really helped me tremendously, so keep those updates coming! I also received my shirt so I'll submit a pic soon. Thanks again!

    3. Author

      Happy to hear it went well!!!! I'm actually planning to try right/left for my next touch up (I think in 3-4 weeks) … I've never done it that way before. I'm a little nervous.

  6. Hey girl – totally unrelated to your post: did you reach waist yet? last i checked you were soooooooooooooo close.

    1. Author

      I haven't done a length check since 8/4/12 but I don't think I'm there yet 🙁 I hope to be there by the end of the year though!

  7. Years ago I used to realax my hair myself and about every 1.5 years I'd cut it all off because it was getting on my nerves coming out. Ff after being natural and relaxed and natural and relaxed again, I'm finally figuring out what works for my hair. I stretched my first relaxer to 10 weeks, now I'm almost at 13 weeks which is so major for me. If I could do 4 relaxers a year I'd be happy.

  8. I definitely learned the hard way about over processing my already relaxed hair. About the last inch of my hair is super thin from over lapping perm. I know smart right…so I moved to trespassing and my hair is so much healthier and thicker is amazing the . I know only relax 3 times a yr

    1. Texlaxing not trespassing. Out also supposed to have been ” the difference”. Darn, phone 🙂

  9. I definitely agree with you on the stretching. I use to get a touch-up every 8 weeks until I heard about stretching. I noticed my hair had gotten thicker and healthier when I went 12 weeks or longer. I'm natural right now but am thinking of relaxing again so I will definitely stretch when I relax again.

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