I finally have a Sprush. I’ve wanted a Sprush for about a year but just never bought one. I couldn’t decide which one I thought would be better for me for touch ups so I went ahead a bought two: the aqua Sprush (#TC2015) and the green Sprush (#TC2030). They cost $6.00 each, shipping was only $3.00 and I purchased them from templeclean.com. I received the third, red Sprush free! Whoop whoop.

If you aren’t familiar with the Sprush, as it’s name hints, it’s a cross between a color application brush and a spatula. The aqua and red sprushes are bendy towards the tip, but where the aqua Sprush feels smooth to the touch, the red Sprush is textured. According to the pamphlet I received with my order, the red Sprush is infused with keratin–not sure what impact that would have on my hair if I were to use it during a relaxer touch up. I’m really skeptical of products that claim to be infused with keratin or oils that will some how be deposited on the hair during use. *Shrug*

The green Sprush barely bends and I think it’s the one I’m going to use next week when I do my touch up. I’m expecting the relaxer process to go a bit smoother with my new Sprush–I think it’s going to be much easier to apply and control/limit the relaxer to my new growth with the Sprush. I’ll let y’all know how it goes next week!


  1. I got really lucky and found a bootleg Goody version of these sprushes at my local beauty supply store and I've been using them ever since. They are thebomb.com. If you've managed to master self-relaxing without them, these sprushes will make life so much easier for you. I already know that you'll love them.

    1. Author

      You were right, I used my sprush this weekend to relax my hair and I loved it!

  2. You have me really thinking about getting one. I'm 17 weeks post and need to TU soon. This would make life easier b/c the color brush is pulling hair out. $9 total isn't bad.

  3. I'm not a self relaxer. So do you think that these would be good or worth the money for applying deep conditioners? I want to make sure that my new growth gets well conditioned.

    1. Author

      In the spirit of saving 6 dollars, I think you'd be fine parting your hair into small 1-2 inch sections to get to your new growth and simply use your fingertips to apply the conditioner to your new growth.

  4. I've heard of them… didn't know they were inexpensive… now i feel like its something i should own!lol.

  5. Awe jeni u just inspired me to order my sprushes as I have been meaning to do so for some time… Just placed my order…*fingers crossed that I get a freebee as well*…

  6. Ok, I'm intrigued. I can't wait to hear about your experience after using them.

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