Wash Day

(1) Pre-pooed with grapeseed and safflower oil for 2 hours

(2) Shampooed with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Shampoo
(3) Applied Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment for 5 minutes
(4) Applied Redken Smooth Down Butter Treatment for 5 minutes
(5) Deep conditioned with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner under my heating cap for an hour. This DC leaves my hair soft & moisturized but provides no slip… it’s actually a little annoying.
(6) After rinsing out the DC, I covered my hair with a t-shirt for 20 minutes to absorb excess water
(7) Parting my hair in 1-2 inch sections, I applied Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In Conditioner, then Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, and detangled my hair from tip to root.
(8) Let my hair air dryThis weekend was the first wash in two weeks that I actually used a comb to thoroughly detangle my hair. For the past two weeks, I skipped out on using a comb to detangle because I didn’t feel like I needed to (wich is saying a lot at 9 and 10 weeks post). For the last two weeks, it was fairly easy to detangle the larger tangles with just my fingers, skipping my new growth. Since this wash is my last before I relax my hair next week, I had to make sure I worked out all the tangles, especially in my new growth, in preparation for my touch up.

It took me over an hour to patiently work through my entire head but it was worth it–I had a few stubborn tangles nested in my new growth. Below is the ball of hair I lost from detangling two weeks worth of untouched new growth, and at 11 weeks post, I’m not surprised at all. I did have to remind myself thought that longer strands equals a larger hair ball. I love my Hercules Sagemann 5580 comb for detangling. It’s easy to hold and the teeth of the comb glide through my hair. I actually love that the teeth on this comb are longer than the HS 1975 comb.

My hair dried very big and fluffy but it’s completely tangle free and my strands are smooth so I’m happy. For the week leading up to my touch up I’ll be continuing with my usual routine: moisturizing and sealing daily and bunning. Next hair update will be after I relax my hair on August 7th, whoo!


  1. That is really impressive. And you're using some of the best products out there. Love the Paul Mitchell stuff. Congrats!

  2. yes that kera mineral smoothing dc is the businness for real… you will be hooked!!!

  3. I love Kenra too but it gives no slip at all: maybe that's why it took you so long to detangle.Thank God you had that comb!!
    BTW, I've found a deep conditioner which gives great slip for both my texlaxed roots and relaxed ends: it's called Silk Elements Kera Minerals Smoothing Deep Conditoner. I bought it from Sally's. Try it next time you do a product haul and you'll be hooked. (It smells like Sour sop fruit!) Tk care Jeni.

  4. That is phenomenal for two weeks worth of shedding! I don't NEED another comb but you are making me want one!

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