I’ve been texlaxing my hair for a year and thought it would be fun to do a post on the journey so far. I actually started texlaxing my hair by accident but am very happy I did. It started when I accidentally under-processing my hair when I started self-relaxing my hair last May. Here’s where I first self relaxed. It actually took me a few months to realize that I had a completely new texture. How I missed it, no clue, but it was a pleasant surprise. For a few weeks after that I debated whether I would continue to texlax or do a corrective relaxer. It’s clear which route I chose to take 😛

My texlaxed hair was much thicker and it grew on me; I wanted thicker hair from root to tip. There are a few ways to texlax hair: (1) adding oils to your relaxer to slow down the processing time; (2) using a mild relaxer; (3) or shortening application and smooth time. To texlax my hair, I use a relaxer that doesn’t straighten my hair completely, ORS Relaxer, lye formula, normal strength, and shorten my application and smoothing time (11-13 minutes).

The most noticeable benefit I’ve experienced from texlaxing my hair are thicker strands. My air dried texlaxed hair dries much frizzier than my bone straight ends, but as long as my strands feel smooth once dry, that’s fine with me. Detangling takes longer now, especially when I’m 4+ weeks post, but I’ve found that washing in my usual four sections and using the flow of water help in minimizing and working out tangles. I think my texlaxed hair is about neck length, grazing shoulder length but I’m not 100% sure since my texlaxed hair shrinks a bit and I’ve never checked while straightened. My texlaxed hair retains moisture better than my relaxed hair and also doesn’t care much for Roux Porosity Control, which my bone straight ends responds very well to; I think this is because my texlaxed hair isn’t as porous as my bone straight ends. Because my natural texture varies in different sections of my hair (4b at the nape and edges, 4a at my crown) my texlaxed texture varies a bit as well. I have more defined waves at my nape than at my crown.

I’ve started having issues with breakage between the two textures but I expected that to happen so it bother doesn’t me much. I’m a year into this transition and I’m only now running into issues so I can’t complain. I fully expected thinning to occur so I’m not going to stress over that either. I’ll continue paying attention to my protein/moisture balance to reduce breakage and just keep trucking on. I love my texlaxed texture overall and  look forward (impatiently) to the day when I’m texlaxed from root to tip.

August 2011
Touch up – January 2012
February 2012
Touch up – March 2012
Anyone else transitioning to texlaxed? How is it going for you?




  1. What is a good process for textlaxing shirt natural hair…??

  2. Hi Jen I’m transitioning to texlaxed and i just self relaxed my hair a couple of days ago. .. My results were not good… Some parts are under processed and my hair where i applied the relaxer is very hard and dry … i kinda sweated in my head from a really hot shower and my roots are completely reverted… i used a no-lye relaxer which i see is my 1st problem… what should i do? This was the very 1st relaxer since being relaxed bone straight and it looks horrible like i haven’t done a thing .

  3. Hello I am new to this but about 2years ago I did the big chop and went natural. It didn't last I was 4 mints in the whole natural seen and went bac to relaxers. Now that I have came across your blog/ website I'm loving the texlexed way to go. I have about an inch of new grow and it's almost time to relax again but my question is how long should I wait to try the texlexed way on my hair. My hair is shoulder length and thick but I want to change. Any advice?

  4. Very interesting! How THICK is your hair strand?
    Someone with FINE hair may not be able to withstand even a texlaxer.

    Any relaxer melts and degrades hair.
    I would love to have your results.

    However, after a terrible hair loss episode due to trying to stretch out my texlaxer, I had to give up on the process all together and big chop (SHAVE actually….)

  5. I am 2 years natural and I am so indecisive as to which way I want to go with my hair. When I look at texlaxed girls I think to myself that it is what I want because dangling is such a hassle as of now. I just want to know how to minimize breakage between the two textures.

  6. Hello there. I'm cutrently transitioning. I wanted to ask, how many inches of new growth do you usually have before your next relaxer?

    1. Author

      1-1.5 inches when stretching 10-12 weeks

  7. Hi!
    I found your blog and you are really motivating me to jump into the texlaxed hair world

  8. hey, i started texlaxing with my previous relaxer but its a good amount bc i did a 5 month stretch, but in some areas the relaxer barely took, woud it be okay if i corrected those parts when i texlax again in 10 weeks?

    1. Author

      Hi there, yes but I'd suggest applying the relaxer to the sections you're correcting last. That way you're decreasing the chances of overprocessing that already processed area.

  9. I just texlaxed my hair and I am loving it. I went 2 years natural and I could not manage my natural state. My hair was 4c and did not show any length. I kept it braided or did sew-ins. After my last braids, I decided was going back to a relaxer. After reading, I decided to just do a Just For Me. My hair is very thin, so I didn't leave it in for long.p It wasn't until after a long workout and I washed my hair that I realized my new texture. I loved it. For the past couple of days, I spritz with an oil and water mixture and apply Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner paying attention to my ends. I am thankful I ran across the blog. Now I am searching for ways to keep it up.

    1. How long did you leave it in for because my hair is very, very thin and I am completely natural and want to texlax too, but I don't want it to be thinner then it already is.

  10. I am transitioning from bone straight to texlaxed as well. I have been doing it for almost a year now. I love it!!! Thicker hair with volume. I want thicker hair from root to tip too. I also have broken hairs at my crown – not a whole lot- and I have also been letting it grow. I figured out that it was from improper detangling in that area. I have since corrected it and all is well.

  11. I AM!!! well i plan to start my transition to texlaxed in sept 2012! i think for that first touch up I should be like the top of my bra strap but i am not sure… sept 4th will mark the beginning if year 3 of my healthy hair journey!! soo happy i found ur blog!!! ur a regular blogger and i respect that…. 🙂 and ur hair is gorgeous! 🙂

  12. I'm transitioning! It all happened by accident though. I started relaxing every 5-6 months and it always left me underprocessed. So I am fully texlaxed with about 4-5 inches of thin, bone straight ends left. I want to just cut it off every day.

  13. I guess i am transitioning as well, but its not what i wanted… like you, i did not notice my new texture until after a few weeks of terrible breakage ( i was so fustrated because i was deep conditioning and everything) but once i recognized what was wrong i knew how to get it under control… the short strands around my hair where it broke drive me nuts… i was progressing nicely! But i have to deal with it, so i am. I hate the frizziness, and the fact that i now HAVE to moisturize from root to tip during my between washes M&S sessions (every other day) where as before my main focus was my new growth and ends. Funny thing is that i'm using the same relaxer, at the same strength as i always have and at the same processing time 🙁 … super shouldn't give me texlax hair! Grrrrrr…lol. but oh well… my hair is way thicker than ever and my everyone remarks about the thickness and fullness i can only imagine what will happen when my broken strands catch up! Because my straighter hair was already think. Sometimes i get fustrated at the volume and thickness and want to relax and 8 weeks instead of my ususal 12-16 weeks but i love it!!! Any tips on how to baby the hair thay experienced breakage?

    1. Author

      I have a few broken hairs at my crown; they're much shorter than the rest of my hair and stick up sometimes. I just try to keep them moisturized and have been just letting them grow.

  14. Oh, I'm giving up as of tomorrow! My hair looks like yours in that texture shot. I never intended to be textlaxed but after my stylist passed away nobody else has been able to get me as straight as she did using Affirm Lye in Mild. I've been experiencing breakage and dealing with the 2 textures has been a pain, and with everything else going on in my life right now, I need "easy" hair that I can DC, rollerset and that's it. So I had a hair consultation last Saturday and I'm getting a relaxer tomorrow using Affirm lye in Normal (I'll bring my own tubs of relaxer so I'll ask her to use Mild in the front and the nape and Normal in the middle where my hair is super thick.)

  15. I have been transitioning since last Nov. I also realized I wasnt giving my ends proper attention so I have been fighting from both ends. Thnakfully I am winning the battle over my ends to actually gain length. My hair is SO much thicker (like it wasnt already) texlaxing. I am mastering the protein-moisture balance but the past month has proved I am getting better. I see allot less breakage while styling and in the shower. My goal is to continue this way to ensure I reach my goal of BSL.

  16. I'm transitioning to texlaxed. I started texlaxing in May. I will texlax again in a few weeks. My hair is experiencing a little breakage between the two textures. Since I've been keeping a pretty good protein-moisture balance it has slowed down tremendously. I'm thinking of trimming a few inches off so I can get rid of my bone straight ends. I want to do it now b4 my hair grows too long and I don't want to do it anymore.

  17. When your hair is air dried, how would you compare your texlaxed texture to the texture of your new growth?

    1. Author

      My new growth coils and is much tighter and springier than my texlaxed hair.

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