Yes, you read correctly. My 19 week relaxer stretch has been cut to a 12 week stretch. I have an event coming up and I’d really rather not deal with my edges and my hair reverting. I’m a tiny bit bummed I’m not going the whole 19 weeks because I was kind of excited to see how well my hair would fare, but I can extend my next stretch. Now I’m excited about seeing my progress. I unofficially did a length check in the shower as I washed my hair this weekend and found that I was an inch away from waist length. But, that actually doesn’t mean anything since I plan on trimming a bit after my touch up. To prep for my touch up, I’ll be doing a protein treatment next week and then just keeping it simple as usual until touch up day.


  1. Cant wait to see it . Hope you reach your hair Jenni Jen.

  2. I was wondering if you were actually going to stretch for 19 weeks!! Girl every time I see your hair I just sit and daydream of the day I am even close to having hair like yours. I'm relaxing next week after a 16 week stretch and I am also trimming but to get rid of my thin hemline. I had severe nape damage prior to my hhj and now that it's healthy and growing, I'm slowly trimming so that I have no layers.

    1. Author

      I promise I was committed to 19 weeks haha, but things happen, there's always next time. I'm actually a little excited to trim a bit, even though my transition to texlaxed has been going well, there's bound to be some breakage between the two textures and my ends are starting to look thin as a result.

  3. wooow waist length!! its still an accomplishment girl…im aiming for mbl first…i was at bsl last yr and had a "friend" dust my ends n she cut my hair to just above apl…o yesss i was highly upset…but im almost back to bsl now so im shooting for mbl by this time next yr

    good luck tho jen!


    1. Author

      I would have been upset too!!! Wishing you good luck as well!

  4. When I first read you was an inch away from waist length I was sooo excited for you haha!

    It's still a big achievement regardless anyway!
    congrats 😀

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