What’s been working:

  • My Hercules Sagemann HS5580 comb. It’s so gentle on my hair when I detangle. Love it.
  • Leaving my hair alone as much as possible.
  • Moisturizing with a water-based moisturizer and applying an oil-based moisturizer on top. This have been keeping my hair stayed moisturized for hours.
  • This weekend’s wash day went really well. I’m hoping to follow this same process next week for hopefully the same results.


Things to work on:

  • Smoothing these darn edges!


  1. Girl no way would I attempt such a long stretch, you and Shar better go head! Catching up on previous posts: your BF's locs are coming along nicely and I am seriously considering trying the Darcy Botanicals leave-in once all my current products are gone (sooooo…sometime in 2013! lol).

    1. Author

      To be honest, I doubt I'm going to last that long, new growth feels so thick already. I'm stopping at the first hint of a set back, not worth it!

      2013 lol! Welp, you'll like it when you do try it 🙂

      BF says thank you!

  2. ORS Edge control is one product I'm a little clueless how to use due to the texture.

    Would love to see a post on how your trying to make it work for your hair.

    Excuse me lack of knowledge, but what is an oil based moisturiser?

    1. Author

      Sure, I'll do a post on it.
      An oil-based moisturizer is one that is made up of butter and oils, no water.

  3. I used ORS Edge Control and my edges are really smooth, but that's only after tying them down or wearing one of those no slip elastic bands. I don't know if it would stay smooth without that.

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