Currently Stretching…

What’s been working:

  • Detangling well on my wash days and disturbing my new growth as little as possible during the week to prevent forming new tangles.
  • Pre-pooing with conditioner prior to washing to soften up my new growth and make it more manageable.
  • Moisturizing with a water-based moisturizer and applying an oil-based moisturizer on top. It weighs my hair down but my hair stayed moisturized for hours.
  • Keeping my edges smooth. They’re smooth for a few hours then they spring up, all frizzy and defiant.
  • Finding an easier solution to moisturizing my new growth. My normal method is moisturizer to my new growth shown [here] but I’d love try a spray on moisturizer/leave-in to further simplify the process.
  • Long strand breakage . . . my biggest issue right now. My hair looks as though it’s thinning out as a result. Need to stop this breakage a.s.a.p.
Things to work on:
  • Alternating the location of my bun to prevent breakage. I’ve really become lazy when it comes to my hair and I’ve noticed I place my bun at the same spot days in a row.
  • Avoiding the boring bun look. 


  1. you have an awesome blog and yt channel… i went and purchased the awapuhi poo and the super skinny (both gvp brands but i hv total faith in their products)… i hv learned a lot from ur blog and ur channel… thx for sharig sis

  2. I agree. Long strand breakage is annoying. Good luck on your stretch! Its going to be tough! What other styles do you want to experiment with?

    1. Author


      I have no idea what new types of buns I'm going to try haha! I'm still doing either a twisted bun or wrap around bun

  3. I sometimes get the long strand breakage too. I believe it's breakage at the demarcation line. I started doing a med-heavy protein treatment around six weeks post. I use a tint brush to apply it as I would a relaxer, making sure I coat the demarcation line well. Maybe that will help. Good luck!

  4. Hey jenni, how often do u use moisturize your new growth for the week?

  5. i commend you for stretching til September, I would join you but depending on how my NG acts when I add my GA, I'm sure it will throw me a loop. Excited to see you go farther, I really get motivated by your wash and stretch post.

  6. Wow, 19 weeks! I commend you on the effort. My longest stretch thus far has been 14 weeks. The last week I felt live shaving it all off! I hope your hair isn't thinning. Hopefully, the breakage will stop very soon. I know you can find a remedy for the situation.

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