Wash Day

Wash Day

This weeks wash day went wrong, wrong, wrong!

Here’s what I did:
(1) I pre-pooed with Organix Macadamia Oil Intensive Mask
(2) Shampooed with Organix Awapuhi Shampoo
(3) Black/green tea rinse. Now I did something different here than I normally do. Instead of letting the rinse sit for a few minutes and then rinsing, I opted not to rinse it out, just to try it out, I left it in and then
(4) Applied Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Treatment over it. This isn’t the part of my way that went wrong. After a few minutes, I rinsed it out and my hair felt fine.
(5) Roux PC for 30 seconds.
(6) Deep conditioned with Hydrating Hemp Conditioner by Kyra’s Ultimate Indulgence for 1 hour under my heating cap. This is where my wash day went all wrong. 

I mentioned in a previous post this month that I was dedicating June to hemp seed oil because I really love hemp seed oil. So, I thought, ‘hey why not get a hemp seed oil deep conditioner!’ Sounds good right? I thought so too. I happily purchased the condish above and set my mind on using it the very first chance I got.

Me and the conditioner got off on the wrong foot as soon as I put in my hair. I’m very picky when it comes to fragrances because strong scents easily trigger migraines for me . . . if I’m honest, about 100 different things trigger a migraine. In a week, if I don’t have a migraine 2 out of 7 days, it’s a great week! It stinks, I know.

This conditioner has a very strong scent, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. It smells sort of like Cola Lacaye (a Haitian soft drink & my fave!) but much, much stronger, and “thicker” if that makes sense. The scent unfortunately made me nauseous and you guessed it, triggered a headache. But, that’s not even the worse part 🙁 After about 30 minutes, I noticed my scalp was a bit tingly, but figured, hey, maybe that’s part of the conditioners mojo, so I didn’t think much of it. I left it in for another 30 before rinsing.

After rinsing it out, I set up to roller set my hair and applied my usual leave ins. Then, I noticed my scalp started tingling again, and it slowly intensified. I naturally grew worried. I hopped back in the shower and for 30 minutes, furiously massaged my scalp, trying to get every scrap of conditioner off that I may have missed. As I’m rinsing, strand after strand of hair is coming out. Note that I did a black/tea green tea rinse before DC’ing and had NO shed hairs coming out. I start freaking out but forced myself to calm down and continue rinsing my hair for another 10 minutes.

After I hopped out, I was so saddened by all the shed hair that I dismissed the idea of roller setting and very gently, detangled and air dried my hair. I parted my hair in 1 inch sections, doing vertical parts, and it took nearly 1.5 hours to detangle, and even being extremely gentle to avoid pulling my hair, I still shed much more than normal.

The only new addition to my wash day this weekend was the conditioner so I’m going to assume that it’s the culprit. I’m honestly never touching the bottle again. Maybe I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the conditioner???? The only thing I know I’m allergic to is broccoli – makes me break out in hives. My hair doesn’t even feel normal. I’m just going to keep moisturizing and sealing and babying my hair this week.

Sorry for the rant and lack of pics this wash day post . . . it was wash day from hell.

ETA: thank you for all the encouraging and kind comments!!!! (HUGS)

Edit # 2: I forgot, I actually did snap a couple pics on my cell, hence the quality of the pictures. I hope to get a charger for my digital this week. The shedding has stopped and my scalp no longer tingles. Thank goodness.