Product Review: Hairitage Hydration Coconut Yuzu Love

Price: $5.00 for 2oz (trial size)/$10.00 for 4oz

Purchased At: Hairitage Hydration on Esty

Promises: “This whipped shea-aloe mixture has the most inviting smell. I made a mixture of coconut and yuzu ( which is a Japanese citrus fruit) fragrances that is sure to be delightful to your nose.. In addition to the aloe and shea butter, this cream, I have added mallow extract, which is said to hydrate and support moisture balance within the shaft of the hair.”

Directions: Rub between palms. Gently distribute product through towel-dried hair. Style as usual. Reapply for fresh definition.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, coconut oil, Almond Oil, Mallow Extract, Liquid Silk, and Fragrance

My Assessment: I was intially worried about how thick the coconut yuzu appeared to be but once I spread it on my palms it wasn’t nearly as thick as it looks; it actually has a fluffy consistency. I used it on the length of my hair and it kept my hair soft and moisturized. It doesn’t absorb as well as I would like but it’s an oil based moisturizer so I didn’t expect it to. I didn’t find this to be a very heavy moisturizer but I have fine strands so I wouldn’t use this on roller set or flat ironed hair. When I did, it made my strands clump together, but it’s perfect for air dried hair. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, I tend to harp on about scents and how I prefer light scents. This scent? I love! It’s very light, fruity, and citrusy. I’ll admit, some days I open the jar just for the scent haha.

I’ve also found that this moisturizer is pretty good at helping me smooth down my edges. A few times I’ve applied a bit to my edges, smoothed them down with my finger tips and covered with a silk scarf. When I remove the scarf, my hair is soft and my edges tamed.

Overall, I like this moisturizer and while it’s not replacing my staple go-to moisturizer because it’s an oil based moisturizer and my hair responds better to water-based moisturizers, it’s still a good moisturizer that I will repurchase and rotate with my staples. I swear, if the scent were bottled and sold as hair fragrance, I’d have my hair fanned across my face for most of the day.

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  1. Hii I've been following you and I'm new too all this your blogs been helpful!! Thnx

  2. I tried to comment from my phone yesterday…we see how that went! Anywhoo, awesome and very thorough review. I love natural oil moisturizers for sealing and just a dab when doing a rollerwrap. No reversion of the new growth!

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