1. Hi! How often do you usually trim your edges?

  2. I have frequent split ends. There in the middle of my head which I find weird, because instead of splits end all around my hair its mostly in that spot. Its finally starting to grow but then I just noticed some split ends. I never use protective styles because my hair is neck-lenght, I refuse to wear weaves, but I'll try to clip up or a small updo. Thank You.

  3. ^ Ditto to Tathiana's inquiry… I am still trying to prevent/eliminate splits even though I M&S consistently!

  4. what do you think is the best oil to protect your ends from splitting?

    1. Author

      And Tay: I don't think there really is one specific oil that is best for ends. Some women like castor oil, olive oil, while others prefer lighter oils like coconut or almond.

      I have found though that oils that contains ceramides work very well at helping me keep split ends at bay. My favorite oils for my ends are grapeseed and hemp seed oil, hemp seed oil being the more ceramide packed oil.

  5. These graphics really are a great idea! They're very useful, esp just for quick definitions.

    1. I agree! These graphics are super awesome and great for people who don't want to read something in-depth. Keep 'em coming!

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