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Hi! Since you have incorporated clear rinses in your regimen, have you noticed a difference in the appearance of your hair?

Hi there. My hair is shinier after doing a clear rinse, smoother, and detangles easier. After doing a rinse, my has also feels softer which I think is the result of the rinse locking in the moisture from deep conditioning.
Do you use any glycerin based moisturizers (i.e. S-curl or others) during the summer months?
Yes I do. HairVeda Whipped Creme Ends Hydration contains glycerin.
Although I know it is EXTREMELY damaging for my hair i have accidentally texlaxed my hair the past two times i relaxed. I do enjoy the texture but i prefer bone-straight hair. If i have been taking care of my hair and paying attention to moisture and protein balance do you believe that will decrease the damage of correcting my previous relaxers?

I wouldn’t say texlaxing/under-processing your hair is extremely damaging. Nearly 40% of my hair is texlaxed (I’m transitioning to fully texlaxed) and I’m doing okay so far. Paying attention to moisture and protein balance is exactly what I would recommend to decrease the damage of correction relaxers. Also, I would take note to protect the already relaxed hair due to a second bout of relaxer run off from the correction relaxers. Pay close attention to your hair and make adjustments as needed; it’s definitely how I approach caring for my different textures.

A friend of mine self-relaxes and the middle of her head comes out underprocessed while her edges & so are bone straight.  What advice would you give her to deal with this problem?  She’s also from a small village in France so it’s really difficult to find a stylist that knows what to do unless she goes to Paris, which is expensive.

It sounds like her hair at the crown is more resistant while the hair at the edges are not as resistant and process faster. My hair does the same. My edges are much straighter than then other texlaxed (under-processed) portions of my hair. What I have to do now to achieve even results is to apply the relaxer honestly about for 2-3 minutes. I would suggest that she apply the relaxer to her more resistent areas first if she is looking for an even texture so that her less resistent portions process for a shorter amount of time…. I hope that was clear. Because the hair at the edges is generally finer/weaker than the rest of our hair, it’s a good habit to always relax edges and nape last.

Hi Jeni! Its me Ebony (ECP). I was looking at your recent post about the plastic mesh rollers and admiring your gorgeous hair and thinking about how long it has gotten and I wondered if you finally feel like you have long hair?  Are you at the point of satisfaction with your length and health?  I know your overall goal is to be waist length, but I was curious if at this point you are just waiting for the inevitable or if you still feel any sense of accomplishment with where you are currently? I know this is a long, rambling question but hopefully you can decipher some meaning from what I am trying to ask!

Hey Ebony! When wearing my hair straight, I feel like “I have arrived” lol! Jokes aside, I do feel like I finally have long hair. When I first started out, BSL was my original long term goal so to have finally reached that length, I feel satisfied and proud that I did what I set out to do. I’m very satisfied with the health of my hair. To me, healthy hair is more important than length because my view is that length is a product of health. Having long hair is great but if it’s unhealthy, what’s the point. With healthy hair, no matter what length your hair is, noticeably healthy hair looks awesome.

I think I am just waiting for the inevitable. Some days, it’s a bit of a hassle dealing with my hair now so waist length at times seems a little intimidating. I still want to try and reach waist length, but I doubt I’ll stay there.


  1. Would you tell me in detail how you do the clear rinse? Thanks I love your hair.

    1. Author

      I follow my usual wash routine, and the last step I do is the clear rinse. I apply the rinse from root to tip. Leave in for 10 minutes, then rinse. . . thank you! 🙂

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