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Since I pretty much have a handful of staple conditioners, oils, and shampoos to rotate, I’ve been focusing on building up a rotation of moisturizers. I purchased two moisturizers (trial size) from Hairitage Hydration to try out and hopefully, count among my staples. I got the Coconut-Yuzu Love and the Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer. I received my goodies today and while I haven’t used them yet, I couldn’t help but open and sniff and off the bat I love the scents. I’m very picky when it comes to scented products and both of these moisturizers pass my test. The Coconut-Yuzu Love has a stronger scent and smells better, but both have light, tropical, scents. The Coconut Mango smells like candy to me.

I know have 2 staples, and 3 to rotate and test out. After I’ve used these for a while, I’ll post a review.

Hairitage Hydration has other pomades, butters, and moisturizers that look really good. If I like these, I may look into other products from the line.


Has anyone tried these products or others from Hairitage Hydration and loved them?


  1. this vendor is terrible terrible terrible! Horrible customer service, horrible shipping times, and products are going mouldy a month after receipt!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  2. I wonder how many of those who ordered from Hairitage Hydration have received their order? And if after almost two months to deliver, did they receive molded products?! Check out Curly Nikki forum – Hairitage Hydration Saga, and Long Hair Care Forum. HH is a nightmare, there's at least one person who had to go to their doctor due to an allergic reaction to mold. This has been going on since the 40% off pre-Black Friday sale.

  3. I have tried the greek yogurt, soft coconut marshmallows, and the cream of broccoli. I LOVE them all. They smell awesome! My hair is moisturized, soft, and has great sheen. My only complaint is that I can't get these products in larger sizes. I would definitely by them a again. I have dry, natural 3C-4A/B hair. Works well on all 3 textures.

  4. Im in love with Hairitage Hydration. I love love the Soft & Creamy Lavender and Vanilla Hair Butter. This is a must have in the winter 4 natural or dry chemical treated hair. It melts into palm when rub and intense moisture you will have. Smells like a birthday cake!!!…They have Peach pomade that is divine, thick but on contact with hands, melts and very light. The Shampoo bars are nice as well…I have many products from this line and i LOVE them all..Rotation of the products during summer & winter will show huge difference. Smells are so yummy, yet they are all natural and does exaclty what they set out to do…Hairitage Hydration Rockss!!

  5. Just purchased the coconut yuza, the coconut mango
    moisturizer (with aloe Vera) and a jar of sprout.

    Since ur looking for moisturizer have u tried Taliah Waajid Curly curl cream? As a transitioner, I've noticed it kept both textures hydrated and gave a decent hold for braidouts.

    It has an interesting "clean" smell, but I dnt find it overpowering for long

    1. Author

      I haven't tried it, but I'll look into it, hopefully it's offered in a sample size. Thanks!

  6. Love ur blog and vids! I just got two moisturizer from this company today in the mail. The texture is like grease, like the Coconut one in your pic. Maybe too thick for my fine strands 🙁 How do you plan on using?

    1. Author

      I have fine strands too 🙁
      Plan on using them as moisturizers, on dry hair, then sealing with oil as usual.

    2. Have you tried these out yet? I finally got around to using the Castor Infusion I bought. I put it on dry hair, sealed and covered over night and it made my hair very soft. I really liked it!! I softened it a bit with my blowdryer before I put it in tho so it was a bit easier for me to use.

    3. Author

      I have, I've used the Coconut Yuzu-Love to moisturize a few times, it absorbs well but it has a thick consistency; I won't be using it when I want to perserve straight, bouncy hair. Otherwise, I love the scent and it's moisturizing. I've only used the Coconut Mango once but it's lighter than the Coconut Yuzu. I really like both so far.

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