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Goodies from Hairitage Hydration

Since I pretty much have a handful of staple conditioners, oils, and shampoos to rotate, I’ve been focusing on building up a rotation of moisturizers. I purchased two moisturizers (trial size) from Hairitage Hydration to try out and hopefully, count among my staples. I got the Coconut-Yuzu Love and the Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer. I received my goodies today and while I haven’t used them yet, I couldn’t help but open and sniff and off the bat I love the scents. I’m very picky when it comes to scented products and both of these moisturizers pass my test. The Coconut-Yuzu Love has a stronger scent and smells better, but both have light, tropical, scents. The Coconut Mango smells like candy to me.

I know have 2 staples, and 3 to rotate and test out. After I’ve used these for a while, I’ll post a review.

Hairitage Hydration has other pomades, butters, and moisturizers that look really good. If I like these, I may look into other products from the line.


Has anyone tried these products or others from Hairitage Hydration and loved them?