Caring For Your New Growth

One thing that took me a while to learn on my HHJ is that my new growth needs to be babied and generally kept happy. It seems simple I know, but it took me over a year to finally realize that good things happen when I keep my new growth moisturized and tangle free as much as possible. Dry, tangled new growth only causes breakage and for a head of hair that is trying to retain length and thickness, breakage is its worst enemy.

For me, dry new growth means breakage at the line of demarcation because dry hair lacks elasticity. Think of your hair like a rubber band. Moisturized hair (has elasticity) is able to be manipulated, stretched, and returns to its original starting length without breaking. Have you ever picked up an old rubber band and stretched it? It snaps! Think of that old rubber band as dry hair.

Prior to my epiphany, I was only moisturizing the length and ends of my hair, but once I started targeting my new growth as well, I saw a complete turn around in breakage at the line of demarcation. In the past I would fill a small spray bottle with water and moisturizer (HairVeda Whipped Creme Ends) and spray the mixture on my new growth. I’ve since found a lighter moisturizer that absorbs a bit better (Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme), so I skip the water and spray bottle now.

Aside from moisturizing my new growth a few days a week, I also deep condition weekly, making sure I apply conditioner to every inch of new growth. To minimizes tangles, when I moisturize, I work the product in a downwards motion to work it in and generally leave my new growth alone.

I tested out Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream on my new growth this week. It was okay, but not as moisturizing as I would like.
How are you caring for your new growth during your relaxer stretch?



  1. Amber!!! I love this one! I think i could own every single item on this post… except i’d swap out for maternity jeans. I am feeling brave and may order some boots from the UK. That way i’ll be xtra cool

  2. Do you wrap your hair when you have new growth? I am facing a dilemma. I don't want to pin curl because it always comes out off, roller setting at night causes headaches the next morning, and wrapping…well, with the new growth, it's a struggle going across my head. How do you maintain hair post relaxer? I am 10+ weeks since my last touch-up.

  3. i use the s curl moisturizing curl activator on my NG when i M/S have you tried it?

  4. Girl I only wish it was easy to get the products.. but i live in Jamaica and finding the products is hard.. I stretched for 14 weeks but i wasn't moisturizing my new growth enough and the result was a lot of tangles..

  5. Great post. Its really easy for me to pay more attention to my ends and length and neglect my NG…thanks for the tip!

  6. Please do a video on how you moisturize your NG with the Darcy Creme…

    1. Thanks girl.. and oh.. I just tried to moisturize my new growth with the SSI Tahitian Vanilla Leave in Spray… Heavenly!!! Was really easy since it's a liquid spray… If you ever buy anything from SSI… be sure to pick it up.

    2. Author

      Adding that to my 'to try' list. I'm all for anything that moisturizes my new growth.

  7. about the sweet cocoa cream… Are u planning to review? Do u prefer it to the daily leave in? Im itching to try their cleansing cream, pumpkin seed conditioner and hair masque.

    1. Author

      I am planning to do a review but not soon because I haven't used it long enough.
      I prefer the daily leave in, but then again I do not use them in the same way. I've only used the cocoa cream as a moisturizer while I only UAE the daily leave in as a leave in on wash days.
      I want to try the pumpkin seed conditioner too; it gets great reviews.

    2. how long do you think the affects of using a product consistently will help bring your hair into a moisture and protein balance, I'm curious about your thoughts, is it 3 months, 6 months a year? I don't want to seem pushy or anything cause you do awesome reviews when you do them, i just tried a product and i don't think that i gave it the chance to do its good on my hair.

    3. Author

      In terms of using a product consistently and determining it's effects were not just a fluke or caused by another product, if it's a conditioner or shampoo, I like to give the product a month, so about 4 washes. If it's a moisturizer, a month as well (I moisturize every day). The key is using the product consistently within those time frames so if by then if the product hasn't worked it's mojo, it wasn't meant to be. But because I like to share with y'all my reviews on products, I use everything for 3 months to REALLY give it a chance.
      I hoped this answered your question!

    1. Author

      Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme

    2. Hello Jenijen,

      I am new to your site for the most part. I saw where you have not relaxed your hair in a longggg time 🙂 I too do not relax my hair that often., Regarding the Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme, is this something that you only apply to the new growth or do you used it on your relaxed hair as well? What do you think of Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment to use on the new growth? I have used it. I find that after you have applied it and then once it is dry..this is if you used it on new growth..your hair is hard somewhat. ALso can you recommend a deep conditioner that is water based or has water in it along with mositurizing agents in it?

      Miss C

    3. Also forgot to ask, are you planning on NOT relaxing your hair anymore or are you just stretching it out for as long as you can before you get your next relaxer?

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