My Sulfur Mix

My Sulfur Mix

My Sulfur Mix

Here’s the mix I mentioned I was going to make. It isn’t really all that different from the oil mix I was using prior (linked here); I only added grapeseed oil and sulfur. I placed everything in an amber bottle to protect the grapeseed oil and essential oils from light degradation. Once I’ve finished this batch, I may switch out the grapeseed oil for emu oil, and eucalyptus for peppermint oil.

I purchased the sulfur powder from Sublime Sulfur by Humco

Edited to add that you generally want your sulfur mix to be less than 10%. Too much sulfur can cause scalp irritation and be very drying for your hair. This mix is 2% sulfur.

I purchased the bottle from [here] for $0.89 and unfortunately, the company that sells the bottle does not carry applicator nozzles, so I took the nozzle off an applicator bottle I bought from Sally’s for $1.00, shown [here]

Note: Be sure to stop using all sulfur products at least a week prior to a relaxer application and do not resume until at least a week after you relax, to prevent burning/irritation. Also, do a spot check to see if you’re allergic to sulfur prior to applying the mix to your entire scalp.

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22 thoughts on “My Sulfur Mix

  1. EbonyCPrincess

    I really want to begin using my growth serum again, I know your mix is more for your scalp issues but I did get a significant increase in growth actually.  I love that you used an amber bottle but still have the nozzle top!

  2. Princessvalecia

    Just an add in sulfur is an antibacterial agent therefore be careful with coconut oil it has anti bacterial agents in it as well. Depending on the person that can make you scalp quite sensitive. 

  3. jenijen

    I agree. Thankfully I've used coconut and sulfur oil mixes in the past without any adverse reactions. A sulfur oil mx should generally contain less than 10%. I added 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of oil, so this mix is only about 2% sulfur.

  4. jenijen

    I'd be happy if I got a boost in growth but I only used about 2% sulfur. I wonder if that's enough an increase in growth. Yup, made sure I had the nozzle lol

  5. Allchisti

    Hi, Your blog is sooo informative. Just wanted to know if there are some oils NOT to be mixed with sulphur.
    I want to add Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Hemp Seed oil to my mixture… What do you think?

  6. jenijen

    Hi there, I can't come across any oils that women have mentioned shouldn't be used with sulfur, but a note about the JBCO, I'd add more hemp than JBCO because it might make it too thick and not distribute the sulfur evenly

  7. Vanika Stroud Walcott

    I love this blog! I forgot all about it up until today, and happy that it's still up. i just shaved my head bald on NYE to start fresh for 2012. I want to try this mix. BTW, my husband is from the Caribbean where they make coconut oil from scratch.  I told my mother in law about this mixture, and according to my mother and father in law, there is no such thing as "extra virgin" coconut oil. IDK if it's true or not, but maybe I'll do some more research.

  8. Anonymous

    I would love to try this sulphur mix, but i think my hair has a reaction to lavender oil. It sheds. Is there anything else besides lavender oil you would suggest i use.

  9. Anonymous

    New to the blog! Love it so much! Can you attribute the use of sulfur to your current hair growth? I need a new growth aide and I'm considering Sulfur! Thanks!

    1. Jen Post author

      I tried MSM supplements I think a year ago, maybe a bit more. I wasn't very diligent in taking them and after a few weeks just gave up on taking them at all. I haven't revisited taking them since then.

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