My Sulfur Mix

Here’s the mix I mentioned I was going to make. It isn’t really all that different from the oil mix I was using prior (linked here); I only added grapeseed oil and sulfur. I placed everything in an amber bottle to protect the grapeseed oil and essential oils from light degradation. Once I’ve finished this batch, I may switch out the grapeseed oil for emu oil, and eucalyptus for peppermint oil.

I purchased the sulfur powder from Amazon.com: Sublime Sulfur by Humco

Edited to add that you generally want your sulfur mix to be less than 10%. Too much sulfur can cause scalp irritation and be very drying for your hair. This mix is 2% sulfur.

I purchased the bottle from [here] for $0.89 and unfortunately, the company that sells the bottle does not carry applicator nozzles, so I took the nozzle off an applicator bottle I bought from Sally’s for $1.00, shown [here]

Note: Be sure to stop using all sulfur products at least a week prior to a relaxer application and do not resume until at least a week after you relax, to prevent burning/irritation. Also, do a spot check to see if you’re allergic to sulfur prior to applying the mix to your entire scalp.

With smiles,