1. 5th time watching this. she is my hairspiration <3

  2. Even MORE reason for me to transition 😀 she's soooooo motivational! Love it! 😀

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video! I'm a distant fan of Reniece and her weaving technique and beautiful hair of course. I didn't know she recently posted this video and it is jaw dropping – her hair is gorgeous and so healthy! Most of all, I LOVE that she is a hair stylist with long hair – it's so sad, but I don't know any black hair stylists with hair longer than shoulder length, and we're supposed to trust that they can help us grow our hair…right.

  4. Here's the link she has listed on her youtube account: http://www.reniece.com/

  5. where in DC is she? cause im also in DC

  6. Wow , very inspiring .Is that the same Reniece who does Ms.Kibibi hair in Washington DC?

  7. Hi Jenn! Thank you for posting that video, it was VERY inspiring!!! Her hair is so healthy long and beautiful (as is yours!). I've been feeling discouraged about this whole BSL journey goal I placed on myself earlier this year, and this vid definitely made me want to continue with my process.

    Thanks again!!!!

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