Length Check At 2 Months Post

I shirked off the laziness this weekend and roller set my hair and followed it with a saran wrap under the dryer for 10 minutes to help stretch and flatten my new growth. I’m heading home for Thanksgiving break and I figured I couldn’t show up with my now usual air-dried bun lol.

I’m 8 weeks/2 months post and I’ve grown an inch since my last length check on 9/20/11, whoo! My hair has thinned out (well, to me it has) but eh, I’m over stressing about it. I’ll keep babying my hair at the line of demarcation and continue on from there.

I did a protein treatment with ApHogee 2 Minute Reconstructer and aside from using it as my mid-relaxer protein, I really don’t like my hair feels after using it during normal wash days. It wasn’t a horrible hard feeling… it just felt off. I think I’m going to go back to using PM Super Strong Treatment for the normal wash days.

Tis all!

With smiles,


  1. that is some amazing growth. congrats

  2. Your hair is growing like weeds! I think you can check of your goal of BSL since you are well on your way to MBL!!

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