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It’s that time of year again, when vendors open they’re doors and mark down our favorite products and we stock up on our favorite products hoard them in cabinets. Here’s my tentative list (noooo way am I getting all of the products listed):

Silk Dreams Hair Care (
Hairveda (

Remember how I wrote in past posts that I eventually want to transition to natural, but had originally wanted to reach my long term goal while relaxed before transitioning? Well, per usual, during every relaxer stretch, I start contemplating just starting my transition way ahead of schedule, and I’ve been giving it serious thought over the last couple of weeks. The biggest question I’ve been asking myself, is why wait? I plan on reaching waist length, why does it matter that I prove I can do it twice. That honestly just seems like I’m giving myself more work! Part of the allure of reaching waist length while relaxed is to prove that relaxed hair can be healthy and long, but I think I’ve done that alread, no? So then, again, why not just start now? No matter when I choose to start the transition to natural, it would be a loooooooooong transition, 2-3 years long. Big chopping is just NOT in my future. I would want to transition until my natural hair reaches at least reaches bra-strap length before I even think about picking up a pair of shears for a big cut. Decisions, decisions!

Is anyone else currently considering transitioning?
What are your thoughts? Should I wait?
What’s on everyone else’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday lists?

With smiles,


  1. Hi, I'm 15 years old. I think you should totally do it. I've been stretching my relaxer for about 3 mths. now and I've noticed this beautiful texture that I have. (It varies throughout my head:)) I've decided that i should transition until i am at a comfortable length. NO BIG CHOPS ARE IN MY FUTURE THOUGH. I'm looking for a guide to make mistakes with as well as successes. If you do this, you will be my role model when it comes to hair. That would be really awesome to be on this journey with you .

  2. When you feel its time … then do it if you really wanna o it but if you want to reach waist length and then rethink the whole transitioning and decide its not for than do you… I do feel like you will be annoyed having all this long straight hair during your transition. I know someone with hair past shoulder and they attempted to transition and just couldn't handle the two textures and just gave in after 6-8 months. So make sure you are ready for that!

  3. I want to try the Transitioning Creme and the Leave-In for the same reasons as you and have been debating about the same issue.

    I would say base your decision on what type of product you KNOW you need in your regimen and are will try to test out to see if it could become a staple. If you already have a staple leave in that you love, then it wouldn't really hurt to get two of the TC… but if you don't have a staple leave in yet, purchasing one each of the TC and leave in couldn't hurt… that's at least how I made up my mind to get one of each lol. Hope that helps some.

    And 25% off all order would be great! Really hoping it is!

  4. Hey! I noticed that you want to get both the Darcy's Botanicals Transitioning Creme and the Daily Leave In Conditioner. I also want to get the both of them too but I mainly wanted to get the Transitioning Creme to help me stretch my new growth because it gets pretty hard for me to tame after 8 weeks. At the same time I want to get the Daily Leave In Conditioner because I've been hearing really great things about it but I'm not sure if I should get one of each or if I should just buy two bottles of the Transitioning Creme. So what do you think I should do? By the way I heard their Black Friday sale is going to be 25% off all orders and a free gift in every order! 🙂


  5. So, clearly you already know how I feel…I'm ready to do this…and I'm going to be GLUED to your blog and all the youtube vlogs to find my way through this! I'm soooo scared that I'm going to make a big disaster out of this!!! 


  6. Hey Jeni! I wanted to start by saying that I absolutely love your blog and I get super excited when I get an email about a new post! I made the decision to transition not too long ago, I'm currently 11 weeks post and I'm doing a long term transition as well! I won't chop until my natural hair reaches my shoulders, so that's a good 2-3 years. I'm super excited! I almost relaxed once, but I found the proper regimen and products to help me through it. I have virtually no breakage due to my winter bunning after rollersets. As for you, why wait, go for it! Good luck with your decision, keep us updated with your posts!

  7. Thank you for the feed back and support! For now, I'll call it an indefinite stretch 🙂 But I'm excited to see how it goes!

  8. If you already know you want to be natural (seems like your mind is pretty set if it's just a matter of when) might as well start now. By the time your relaxed ends reach waist length, you'll have inches and inches of new growth. Best of both worlds I suppose

  9. Hi Jeni

    I have been having the exact same thoughts for weeks now!  I had the same conversation with my mum only this week.  I am so impressed with the thickness of my hair right now. 

    One of the reasons I will stop this current 4 month stretch is I have a load of relaxer to use up.  I don't like wasting hair products..  I already  have about 6 tubs of affim no lye relaxer and pretty much a whole massive tub of affirm lye relaxer to use.  I will use the lye relaxer, sell the no lye and then decide whether or not to transition whilst cutting off the relaxed ends so I am only left with texlaxed and natural hair.  I don't think I could cope with my fine hair, coarse newgrowth and long term transitioning.

    Good luck with your decision.  Whatever you choose I am sure your hair will look beautiful – as always!!!!


  10. OMG do it! Remember about a year ago I wrote to you because I had just finished a 5 month relaxer stretch and I was seriously contemplating continuing my healthy hair journey as a natural, and I rememeber you told me that you had decided to wait to  reach your goal before transitionning, but if I could handle the two textures I should go for it. I thoight about it an I realized that yea I can and it'll save me so much work for later on. So I transitionned for 1 year and cut my relaxed ends off in august. The only wish I have is that I would have done it sooner! But you wil be amazed about how fast your hair grows though, it's been a year and 5 months since my last relaxer and I'm already at collarbone length.

  11. I transition for 14 months (recently texlaxed in August 2011) though i didn't regret going natural, as it really is a unique, freeing experience, I did regret BCing so soon. So like I advice everyone, transition for at least two years, you will be happier with your hair.

  12. No…if you KNOW you are gonna do it start now.  Honestly, every single time I consider it I wish that I had transitioned at the start of my HJ.  Why wait?  Honestly the more relaxed hair you have, the more "straight" ends you will have that will drive you nuts IMO!  I'm not considering it anytime in the near future, but like you said…every LONG stretch I re-consider.

    I'm getting a steamer.  Because I doubt Kerastase is going to have any sales! LMAO!

  13. This is so weird! I was JUST talking to my roommate who is natural about perhaps wanting transition. We were looking at blogs and youtube and I am just so jealous of the health and amazing styles they can do. 
    I'm also not a fan of big chopping. I've never had short hair in my life (I'm APL now) and I just don't think I can do it. But if I want to transition…well, maybe now is a great time. So I am in the same boat as you! Decisions!

  14. I'm really happy you're going natural. I just think that it's a healthier decision, less costly, and it'll give you more styling options.  

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