Wash Day (Translation: An Eternity Under The Dryer)

The longer my hair gets, the longer it takes to dry my roller sets.
After 1.5 hours, some parts were still damp… not feeling it lol

Wash day: (1) hot oil treatment with grapeseed oil (2) shampooed with Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo (3) Applied Roux Porosity Control for 1 minute (4) Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Treatment (5) Deep conditioned for 1.5 hours with heat w/ Matrix Conditioning Balm (5) Matrix Hydra-Seal Leave-In and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

With smiles,


  1. It's a Babyliss; I've never owned a Pibbs (but I hope to!) I did a review on the Babyliss dryer here, listing both pros and cons, hope this helps! –>¬†http://www.justgrowalready.com/2011/10/product-review-babyliss-pro-thermal.html

  2. IS that the babyliss hair dryer? I thought i saw you with a pibbs hair dryer in one of your tutorials too? Either way, what are your reviews on them? would you recommend them? i'm looking for a GOOD hair dryer and one that my entire head will fit under. LOL TIA.

  3. Very beautiful …

  4. the time seems to worth it because your rollersets are beautiful

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