“Picking Your Brain” Responses (Part III)

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]Hi Jeni, have you ever used Bee Mine Growth Serum with sulfur? If so, what was your experience? Also, have you tried the Greenhouse Method on your hair, and if so, with what results? Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions :)[/blockquote]

I have tried Bee Mine Growth Serum, it was one of the first topical growth aids I tried when I first started caring for my hair. I used it for a couple months and honestly can’t remember if I saw an increase in hair growth because it was so long ago and I wasn’t diligent in tracking my progress. I was supposed to start back up on it this year and stay consistent, but umm, what had happened was… My cousin has been consistently using it though and she has definitely noticed results. The only thing I remember not liking about the serum though was the fragrance. I don’t really like the scents.

I have tried the greenhouse method but I don’t think I’ll be incorporating into my regimen only because I’m weird and waking up with damp/wet hair is icky (icky, such a mature word choice haha). I’ve only tried it ocne. I applied oil to my hair, covered with a plastic cap, covered that with my satin scarf and when I woke up in the morning, I didn’t like the feel of my hair at all. My hair was soft and could notice the benefit of doing it, I don’t like the feel of damp, mushy hair in the morning.

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]Hey Jeni , can you do a post on how to treat dry hair? I have been doing everything but my hair still looks dry as hell, lol . Whats worst is even after shampooing, DC, leave in,  roller set, my hair will have a dry look after a few hours. I hate that. I need HELP!!![/blockquote]

Hey there. First, have you tried clarifying? I ask because product build up can prevent moisture from penetrating into the hair. I’m currently dealing with this now because I can’t even remember the last time I used a clarifying shampoo.

A second suggestion is to check the porosity of your hair. If you have low porosity hair, the cuticles on the hair shaft and bound tightly and makes it a bit harder for moisture to penetrate into the hair. Adding heat when you deep condition may help. If you have high porosity hair, the cuticles of your hair shaft are not tightly bound. Moisture goes into but isn’t trapped in your hair so while your hair may feel soft right after you deep condition or moisturize, after a few hours, it will feel dry again.

A quick way to check if you have low porosity or high porosity hair is to collect strands from a brush or comb and drop them into a bowl of water. If the hair sits on the water and quick sinks, your hair is high porosity hair. The hair sinks quickly because there are gaps along the cuticle. If the hair floats on the water and takes a while to sink (a noticeable long of time) then your hair is low porosity.

As a mentioned before, Roux Porosity Control helps correct hairs porosity levels.
Hope this helps!

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]I love your blog.  I’d like to see random tag or vlog videos every now and again, like maybe a few times a year.  I really enjoy when I can “see” people’s personalities.  I really have no complaints…sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!  lol![/blockquote]

I think I’m boring (and a little weird lol) but I’d be happy to oblige, Ebony 😛


  1. I poked around at the settings for the videos, in hopes of finding an option to get them to play on mobile videos but I couldn't find anything. It might be the format they were uploaded *scratches head*


  2. My hair is just about getting by, if im going somewhere the night before i have to do the greenhouse effect and bag my head up, just to get it to co-operate the next day, but i have to admint as bad as it is i imagined it to be much worse! so as long as i can keep recuing it ill keep my stretch on. and thank you for looking into the mobile vids too you must be busy with all your followers- let alone the rest of your life! i really do appreciate it and your reply

    cheers jen! ;o)

  3. Hey Marisa, thank you! Good luck on your stretch! How is your hair doing during the stretch?

    I use cassia, instead of henna to avoid the dye release that henna has. I don't have a video on how I apply the cassia but I'll try and record it the next time I do an application treatment. 

    I'll look at the settings for the video tonight; I didn't even know the mobile view wasn't activated 🙂

  4. Jeni, your hair is gorgeous! i really aspire to your example. i wanna see more tutorials, the protective styles just more! ive just started my hhj- well its been 2 months and so far the longest ive stretched and im pushing as long as i can go too and whnevr i feel like i wanna run well walk with my crutch! to the hair shop and get a perm and deal with the growth, i turn my lappy on, switch on to your page and well remeber what im doing and wat im aiming for! have you got a video on your henna wash or colour rinse? and can you enable your roller set take down and saran wrap video to be viewed on mobile sites? – sorry ive asked for loads but clearly you got it together ive already learnt so much from you :o)

  5. My pleasure! Let me know how it goes with the PC

  6. Hey Jeni, thanks for answering about how to treat dry hair . I did a strand test this morning and I must say the hair was floting on top for hours upon hours. I didn't wait for it to sink . So I guess, I have low porosity . I bought the Roux Porosity Corrector I will try it out on my next wash day . Thank you , for taking the time to answer my question as well as the other questions. All answers are beneficial . Keep on doing a GREAT JOB Jeni Jen.

  7. hahahaha, I'm so glad you left my question til last.  I swear your other readers came up with SUCH great questions and I really enjoyed your advice and answers….it makes me feel extra remedial for my lil ole comment! lol!

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