1. Your hair is gorgeous!!! And the color looks prettier each time you post pics!

  2. Thank you! 🙂 I would love a more reddish hue. My mom hair has a more reddish undertone, I'm jealous, now of you too lol

  3. I kid you not, after I did my length check, I thought "I better claim BSL or Ebony will yell at me!" lmao

  4. WOW jen!  lookin amazingly healthy and long and full and pretty and gorgeous and lush and thick (need more adjectives?  cause I can keep goin, lol)!!!!  can't wait to see the other pics and I swear if you aren't claiming BSL imma come thru and e-slap you!

  5. Your hair is looking so good! And I am in love with your natural hair color. I think I have a similar color, but it might have a more reddish undertone. Good job, girlie!

  6. Thank you! 🙂 I normally stretch my relaxers for 10-14 weeks, but this stretch lasted 7 1/2 weeks because my birthday is this Friday, and I wanted birthday hair 😀

    When I first started this hair journey, I was chanting my blog title haha.

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