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I’m still working on editing the videos, but life has just gotten very busy πŸ™ But in the meantime, I want to pick your brain, because I’m curious (and secretly need post topics because I’m feeling uninspired) so I made this quick form below. Submissions will be anonymous.

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  1. Hi Miss Jen, again lol! I was wondering, do you wear braids? Like cornrows? My mom said I should wear more braids so that my hair will grow, but I prefer my hair unbraided. What is your opinion on braids?

    1. Author

      Lol hi there! I don't wear braids or cornrows, I am really tender-headed and they hurt my scalp. My mom used to tell me the same thing, and up until freshman year of high school, my mom braided my hair with extensions every 6 months (and it hurt!). Braids can be a great form of protective styling but I don't think braids is necessary for hair growth.

  2. Hi Miss Jen! I was wondering if you could explain what tex-laxing has done for your hair. Do you feel that the use of a relaxer prohibits your hair in anyway? would you suggest tex-laxing for someone who wants to go natural, but is addicted to straightened hair? Also, how does one "nurse" the ends of their hair? Thanks!!

    i LOVE the blog!

    1. Author

      Hi Tyler, I have a post on texlaxing coming up so I will answer your texlaxing there – not blowing you off, I've simply received other texlaxing questions and it will be easier to answer them all in one post.

      I care of my ends my moisturizing them, sealing with an oil, oiling them during the week when they feel a little rough, and generally keep them away from my clothes because clothes can rob hair of its moisture. I also like to use Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage serum on my ends when I wear my hair down to give them a boost of strength and protection.

  3. Hey Jen! Love the blog – it's helped me tremendously! I've been natural for about 21 years and decided to get tex-laxed about a year ago….kind of bittersweet. When I got my first relaxer, I went to a salon and she over-processed the shaft/ends of my hair (about 3 in of my hair was tex-laxed). Since then, i've been trying to grow out the bad relaxer and have a head full of true tex-laxed hair. My hair is making great progress and I love the new manageability but i'm having a horrible time with breakage. Any given wash day, I may lose up to 500 strands of hair (horrible, I know). I try to do a protein treatment once a month (nexxus) and I stretch my relaxers to around 12 weeks. I don't manipulate my hair much and I use heat (~275 deg) a week….i'm not sure what the culprit could be.


  4. Can you pleeeeease do a review on the new Loreal cleansing conditioner?? πŸ™‚

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