Video: Updated Nightly Routine – Moisturizing, Sealing, and Cross Wrapping

Thought I post an updated video on how I moisturize and seal my hair since I no longer pin curl my hair and my main moisturizer and oil has changed, and finally get a video up on how I cross wrap my hair.


  1. Yes, constant combing of the hair whilst wrapping I believe too has done my hair no favours anymore :/ So will definitely try your method of wrapping and report back. I may also blog about it, but I will credit you :-).

  2. Breakage from the regular method of wrapping is what has made me stuck to cross wrapping. I have seen an improvement in my hair (especially my ends because that's where I was suffering the most damage when wrapping) since I have up regular wrapping – it was just too much manipulation for me.

  3. Love the cross wrap, soo going to do this from now on. As I think usual wrapping, and combing is causing me breakage.

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