Relaxer Touch Up

I relaxed my hair on Sunday but didn’t get around to posting anything because I’ve been busy packing and getting ready to move (I thought moving would be exciting, but so far it’s just been exhausting!). There are a lot of things I meant to do for this relaxer touch up but didn’t: 1.) record myself self-relaxing 2.) record how I self trim/dust my ends 3.) record how I flat ironed my hair.

Long story short, I’ve just been just too tired and short on time to do so. After the move and I’ve settled down, I record how I self relax and go through the whole process but will use conditioner for the video. As for how I dust, trim, and flat iron, I will do those once the opportunity arises again.

This relaxer process was much easier/smoother for me than last time because I parted my hair in six sections rather than the traditional four, making my hair more manageable, and also because I pre-parted each section into smaller one inch sections I would be appling the relaxer to. This helped me immensely because I was able to speed up my application time because I didn’t have to pause to part my hair in order to apply the relaxer.

Another big change for this relaxer touch up is that I relaxed with ORS Lye Relaxer (normal strength). This was actually my first time using this relaxer ever. The biggest difference I noticed in my hair (in comparison to Mizani Butter Blend relaxer) is that my hair was not as smooth or soft after I rinsed it out, which didn’t bother me, and that I shed a lot less during the whole thing. Also, ORS didn’t process relatively fast and left my hair with more texture than normal, I have no qualms about this either. I used the half and half method to relax my hair again and from application to smoothing, each half took me 13 minutes.

I’m very pleased with this stretch, and actually have my scalp issues to thank for continuing to 12 weeks because I had initially planned to relax after 8 weeks, but this stretch has really taught me a more about my hair and how to better handle it when stretching my relaxer.

I did not do an official length check with the pink length check shirt I usually use. I want to wait until my next stretch to do that because I feel as though I am starting to focus on gaining length a bit too much, like I need to calm down and refocus on health first haha.

Air drying my hair. At first I thought that about the last inch of my hair looked thin and may need to be trimmed, until I flat ironed and dusted, then everything looked fine to me *shrug*

With smiles,


  1. Very lightly trimming your hair.

  2. Thank you 🙂 Good luck on your stretch!

  3. Nice job! Looks thick and the length is lovely. I also started sectioning my hair before applying my relaxer which makes it a lot less stressful. I am on a 7 month stretch, 4 down, 3 to go.

  4. Hair looks really healthy too me… I usually relax with ORS – NO Lye normal strength  but not Iam thinking of doing the opposite and trying out Mizani Butter Blend for the first time

  5. Awww thank you! I've been TRYING not to think about length but I've been wearing my hair out every day since I relaxed and I just can't help but love feeling my hair across my shoulders and swinging around in a ponytail lolol! 

  6. Woot! I've been looking forward to this post 😀 Your ends look really nice. (I know you don't wanna think about length but) It looks like you are about BSL or definitely by next relaxer. Keep up the amazing work

  7. I will definitely use ORS for my next touch up.

    And thank you! 🙂

  8. I used ORS normal  (lye) last week and I had no shedding. I've used alter ego lineage relaxer 3xs and the shedding was really bad. My hair  is nice, soft and smooth with ORS.

    Your hair is very nice and I love your blog

  9. @google-fd3aa6726015883973d6dc887a3a73ed:disqus @0626382e09f6aa8ba8a3446c69fce4a3:disqus @google-3adf7831e8b1d0aa311bcd8e477b202e:disqus Thank you! 🙂

  10. Your hair looks fab :-). I had to trim mine last week (my hair is still taking a battering from when I was ill and that was end of last year). But hairdresser didn't take off loads (which is good).

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