I Started Transitioning To Texlaxed & Didn’t Even Know It…

How did this happen you wonder? I’ve been self-relaxing my hair for months and I haven’t been leaving the relaxer on as along as they do in the salon out of fear of over-processing my hair, nor smoothing my roots by running the comb through it.

Question is, will I continue or next touch up, process my hair further. I don’t really know yet.

My texlaxed hair is thicker than my relaxed straight portions, and I really like that. When I want to wear my hair straighter, a roller set solves does the trick so jury’s out on if I’ll just continue as normal and continue to “accidentally” texlax my hair. We’ll see!

My natural hair color… courtesy of my mother =)

With smiles,


  1. This post and thread has eased my fears that my accidental texlax yesterday has ruined my hair altogether. Will look through your site about maintenance.

  2. I stopped leaving the relaxer on for so long and I don't smooth as much (plus I switched to a more gentle relaxer), so I ended up accidentally texlaxed early in my hair journey. At first I didn't like it, but after noticing the big difference in thickness I got used to it and started loving the look. For about a year, every time it was relaxer day I would go back and forth between deciding to keep it or touch up. I think I'm mostly texlaxed now, lol, the thickness is awesome. Dealing with 3 textures (relaxed, texlaxed, new growth) was a headache for me at first but it was worth it.

    And thank you for the wrap video! I've been on my HJ for a few years and I'm still bad at that, lol, but cross wrapping made it so much easier this time. 🙂

    1. I'm glad to see this here, I'm slightly freaking out at how under processed my hair is right now!

  3. Thank you! Best of both worlds – my thoughts exactly at the moment.

  4. Your hair looks so pretty! Love the color of the photo. I just recently texturized my hair after being natural for 2 years and I found that similar to you – I love the thickness (I don't feel like I lost any fullness since I'm no longer natural), but I can easily get straight hair, which in my opinion is the best of both worlds! 

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