1. I used Giovanni Frizz Be Gone. My hair came out really smooth but it's on the heavy side. Next go around I'll be sure to use less serum. 

  2. Look at those ends…nice!  What serum did you use?

  3. Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1 inch. I posted about using it on my cousins hair but I have not done a review about it in my hair. I'll do one some time this week.

  4. lookin' good Jeni, i'm rooting for you lol! what flat iron do you have? have you already posted about it?

  5. I wish I didn't length check, it's made me sooooo impatient now! lol

  6. Beautiful! you're are totally my inspiration! I'm loving everything about your hair: the thickness, the color and especially the length! Congrats on your progress–you'll be BSL in no time!

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