1. What type of shampoo do you use to wash after doing ur HOT: moisturizing/chelating?

    1. Author

      Either one or the other. Sometimes its a protein shampoo. It just depends on what my hair needs at the moment

  2. I think you just gave me an idea on what to do with my grapeseed oil I just hope it helps rather than hinders, nothing like finding out πŸ™‚

  3. Hello! :0) Sorry to ask a silly question but did you wash the oil out after? Thank you!

  4. How long dou you keep the plastic cap on?

  5. Yes, a white bulb at the end means it is a shed hair and not breakage. Shedding is complete normal. On average, we shed around 100 hairs a day.

  6. so pretty much if you see a white bulb at the end its hair that is shedding and that is normal?

  7. you are so pretty! this is the same way i deep condition, lol minus the plastic bag that is. great video [:

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