Relaxer Touch Up Results (Vid and Pics)

I successfully self-relaxed my hair yesterday. Whooooooooooooooooooooo! Thank you to the many ladies who suggested I try the half and half method, it made it so much easier to manage the application time and made the whole process less stressful.

I’m also about an inch, inch and a half from the top of my bra now (line 5), whooo hoooo! Lol. Going to wait until I hit until line 6 to shout from the mountain tops and claim BSL, maybe by September???? Staying hopeful.

Have a great day everyone!

With smiles,


  1. a1m1r1 @7741e45e43a580bfebe17d8cc789b080 @960d01e28ea525d08870ffbad032f2c1 @9dca5ef60ebb0b00908a7217f5ec694f Thank you!! 🙂

  2. I applied the neutralizer to the back half of my hair and twisted it into a loose bun and then covered then bunned part with a plastic cap to more so keep the length of my hair from drying while relaxing the front half. I hope that's a little clearer? I'm hoping to make a video of the process within the next couple of weeks.

  3. I saw the youtube video you posted a while back about the half and half method and I'm just confused as to how you cover the back of your hair with the neutralizer. I just don't see how a plastic cap can stay on the back of your hair while your relaxing the front section…

  4. (I think this is my cuz haha, if not, sorry for this reply!) I drooled over your hair when I was little, if anything, you motivated me!!

  5. Yoshika Christian @645bde6d3ed6363a2ca9af0aa22d2d53 tay Thank you!! 🙂

  6. Congrats cuz! Proud of ya. I knew you could do and yes you did! Your hair turned out gorgeous ! You have given me serious motivation to continue my hair journey to healthy beautiful hair.

  7. congrats, your almost at bsl & your hair looks healthy and pretty!

  8. your hair is gorgeous!!! u know how much i love your hair lol! 🙂 good job on a self-relax well done

  9. ur progress from march is amazing. Great job.

  10. Congrats Jeni I so happy for you! You hair looks great. Like you I too was having trouble w/ self relaxing so I found a salon and so far they are doing a great job. But one day I hope to tackle self relaxing again :D. Thanks for sharing

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