Self-Relaxing VS In-Salon Relaxing

Just making a list of pros and cons to help me work through my decision to either self relax in two weeks or return to the salon I usually go to.

I would be able to ensure my hair is handled
exactly the way I want it handled.
Faster application times because stylist is more
Becoming less dependent on a stylist and 100%
Convenience. I’d be able to sit back and let
someone else do all the work.
Less stress over how my hair is being detangled…
this is big for me (still holding a grudge against
that wash girl).
Hair is processed to the degree I prefer.
I would be in the comfort of my own home. .
I may end up under-processing my hair again. Fend off attempts/suggestions of a trim.
The process takes up my entire day. Waiting period between clients/servies.
I may end up under-processing my hair again. Fend off attempts/suggestions of a trim.
Stress of getting everything right. Stress because my hair is in the hands of another.


With smiles,


  1. Hi Ash! Tea tree oil is great for dandruff. You can try applying a bit of tea tree oil to scalp before you wash your hair.

    Or, you can try mixing tea tree oil with a bit of grapeseed oil and using the mixture to give yourself a scalp massage throughout the week.

  2. Hello Jenni 🙂 Could you tell me what would recommend for dryness and dandruff? Thanks!

  3. Yes, alternating between the stylist and self relaxing is a great idea. I suggested my friend did this as she keeps messing up her relaxers herself but also wants to save money.

    I'm sure you'll make a good decision which suits you.

    Your hair is beautiful by the way and I like your blog.

    Ciao 4 Now

  4. I want to go where you go! Lol

    The stress factor, time, and successfully applying and processing the
    relaxer are my biggest issue.

  5. I completely feel you. My hair and scalp were badly damaged a few years ago at the hands of a stylist and therefore I began to self-relax. However I ended up finding an experienced, wonderful stylist who REALLY understands healthy hair practices and definitely understands my hair journey and goals. I only go to her for touch ups (saving that $$$) but I am so ecstatic about it each time. I didn't do a horrible job but at the salon my hair comes out straighter, the application is less stressful because I'm not trying to make sure I get through in the fastest way possible. Its faster! And MY stylist knows how to dust, not trim and she examines the ends first to decide if she even needs to do that….

    I'm blessed, I realize, but I am a firm believer that the best option is to find a TRUSTED COMPETENT stylist. I know that is so much easier said than done. Good luck!!!!

  6. I've had a corrective relaxer before, which made me feel self-relaxing wasn't for me. You forgot one huuge advantage of self-relaxing- you save tons of money lol! Maybe practice applying conditioner to your scalp with an applicator brush the same way you'd apply a relaxer.

  7. Aww!!! You'll make the right decision, I'm sure of it!! Maybe you could start off doing every other relaxer yourself, so that if you DO under process, the stylist can correct it on the next application… just a thought…

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