Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex

As I mentioned earlier this week, I purchased a new hair supplement this week: Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex. I’d heard about Nioxin when I first started this hair journey but didn’t think much of it but recently ladies over on LHCF have been raving about increased growth, improvements to their skin, and stronger nails and peaked my interest so I purchase a bottle on Amazon. I also read through the amazon reviews on Nioxin and women there loved it as well. I took my first pill yesterday and will be taking biweekly photos of my new growth to track if this supplement lives up the hype. My relaxer stretch ends in about 2 weeks so I’ll so start tracking after my touch up.

If you want to check out the thread on LHCF, it’s [here]

I’ll keep you all posted!

Front and back of the bottle:

The pills are much smaller and easier to take than the Maxi-Hair Supplement.

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  1. I thought about doing the same thing – taking a dose every 12 hours – but the idea was short lived because I knew I just wasn't going to remember to do it haha.

    What length are you now? Good luck on reaching your goal!!

  2. I actually just got my pills in the mail monday and have been taking it since tuesday morning…i take at 10a and 10p…twice a day (yeah i know…says once a day)…but i have a theory…body flushes what it doesnt use every 12 hours…so i'm replacing it back in until my body is used to it and working off it…hope you reach your goal…i'm trying to reach bra length by January for my 30th birthday…YAAAY!…long way to go!

  3. Good luck, look forward to seeing your results.

  4. Can't wait to see if this works for you! I will try to get back on my vitamin game this stretch as well!!

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