Follow Up On Hot Oil Treatments

Back in January I made the decision to incorporate hot oil treatments into my regimen and it’s done my hair a world of good. Every wash day I’ve been doing hot oil treatments with primarily grapeseed oil or Hairveda Vatika Frosting (coconut oil infused with lemon, henna, and amla). I heat up the oil in the microwave, dampen my hair with warm water, and then apply the oil to the length of my hair first (focusing on the ends) and then my scalp. I leave on the oil for anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

I’m positively in love with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil contains ceramides and my hair has been reaping the benefits of smoother cuticles. My scalp hasn’t felt dry or itchy and I’ve noticed less hair fall. My split ends have also decreased. When using the Vatika Frosting, I pre-poo overnight and then warm up a bit in the morning and apply to the ends of my hair and my scalp. I wake up to softened new growth and less hair fall when washing. Overall, the health of my hair has improved. More moisture retention, less breakage.

I’m looking to purchase hempseed oil sometime in the near future to add another oil with ceramides to my stash.

Have you incorporated hot oil treatments in your regimen? Like it? Love it?

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  1. I love pre-poo with oils and consider myself the pre-poo queen. I heat my oil for 45 sec in the microwave because I am lazy. I apply, cover with plastic cap and my satin cap for an overnight treatment. I wash and condition in the morning. I do this routine usually every other week when I wash with shampoo bars. Other times I oil rinse after my wash with bentonite or rhassoul clay wash. I am a fan of avocado, coconut, and hempseed oils.

  2. have you tried heating up the oils in bowl of hot water instead of placing the oil in a microwave, to preserve the amazing goodness in these oils? Great blog!

    1. Author

      Yup I have. I use the microwave when lazy lol. Thanks!

  3. I recently added heat to my DCing and was amazed by my moisture levels and length retention. It was the missing link to my regime! I then tried oil rinses and then hot oil treatments to my regime which leave my hair very silky and moist, as well as stronger. I always thought that heat was bad but that's direct heat! Indirect heat using a hooded drier encouraged me to try direct methods of DCing and hot oil treatments and the difference is amazing!

  4. I still have yet to see the benefits of hot oil treatments and usually am too lazy to follow through with it after washing my hair! Now that my hair is totally processed I know it's begging for it, but sometimes it defeats the purpose to waste so much product on something I'm going to cut out soon!

  5. I don't do them every single wash but I love them as well. Sometimes I do my HOT as a prepoo but I'm finding coconut oil doesn't feel soft until I actually rinse it out. I'm anxious to try some oils with a lot of ceramides in them like Hemp Oil. SN: girl have you read about how great Grapeseed oil is for the SKIN?! Supposedly even can smooth away stretch marks, I now use it right after drying off from the show!

  6. Thanks Jenni for this post!! Just realized I was doing my hot oil treatment totally wrong! I wasn't applying warm water 😐

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