Price: $10.00 (8 oz jar)

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Promises: “Vatika in Hindu means garden. In India, coconut oil is widely used in Ayurveda health remedies. This special blend of coconut oil, henna, lemon & Amla provides natural nourishment to your hair.

The blend gives the hair body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. Our pure coconut oil is blended with henna and Amla with lemon to strengthen each strand of hair from within.

When used 1 day before washing, Vatika Frosting provides a protective coating promoting shine and health. A scalp massage with Vatika Frosting also promotes hair growth. To maintain the oil and moisture balance of your hair, remember to do a conditioning treatment with oil at least three times a week.”

Ingredients: Pure Unrefined Coconut oil, Amla extract, Henna extract, Argentinian Lemon extract, Fragrance.

My Assessment: I love the smell of this oil, smells just like cake batter.  I primarily use this to seal after moisturizing my hair. As little goes a long way so I only take a bit and melt it on my hand and then apply to my hair. I love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down (I moisturize and seal nightly so my hair has the potential to get weighed down). I find myself sniffing my hair throughout the day if I apply a little to my ends in the morning. I’m going to start applying it to my scalp and length of my hair the night before I wash my hair and see if I notice any improvements to my hair. I purchased two jars for $5.00 each during Hairveda’s big Fall Sale and will only repurchase when Vatika Frosting is on sale; I just can’t bring myself to purchase an 8 oz jar for $10.00.

*forgive quickly. kiss slowly. love truly. laugh uncontrollably*

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  1. I still use it. I did an overnight pre-poo with it last week. I don't apply it to my hair before I go outside because the coconut oil does make my hair hard. As long as I stay inside, no issues with the coconut oil solidifying on my hair.

  2. the Vatika Frosting sounds interesting because of the coconut oil 🙂  Are you currently using it?  Does it freeze your hair at all in these cold temperatures?

  3. I,too,only buy the Vatika Frosting when hairveda has a big (half-price) sale. I bought 2 jars back in May of 2010,and I use it sparingly. I must say that the stuff is GREAT,smells heavenly,and is moisturizing yet not greasy. I have been taking my own hair's health into my own hands and relax my own. I haven't been to a salon since July 2009,and I can see that I should have left salons sooner rather than later. I researched many sites (i.e. curlynikki,etc) because I did transition for awhile,but returned to texlaxing after transitioning twice. My first attempt to transition lasted 8 weeks,and the second was for 9.5 consecutive months. Right now, it's been right at 4 months since I texlaxed last. Yes,you do have to sometimes chanage the strength of the relaxer when dealing with unruly new growth which has never been permed/virgin hair.I think we forget what's actually on our heads until we see exactly what grows from our roots minus the chemicals. Keep up the good work;you have proven that you don't need to give all your hard-earned cash to a stylist everytime you need to have nice looking (and probably MUCH healthier) hair. I love the products I've bought from hairveda and recommend the website to anyone wanting good products which deliver and don't bust the budget.

  4. I've been wanting to try their Vatika Frosting for a while… maybe because it sounds so yummy! =)

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