Transition to Natural?

Some days I really want to transition to natural. Some days I don’t. More and more though, I keep returning to the idea. I do not plan on being relaxed forever, simply because I don’t see myself ever going to stylist again and the image of a 70 year old me trying to relax my hair is just silly.

There are other reason’s I’ve been playing with the idea of transitioning. First is the idea of a daughter. I’d want her to love her natural curls and call it corny but I’d want to support her and teach proper hair care methods by caring for my own natural hair. Second, I’m just really tired of the two textures, counting down weeks until I relax. What keeps me going is the anticipation of seeing how much I’ve grown and retained at the ned of my stretch. Third, I will admit I’m envious of my moms curls! I love playing in her hair. She accidently became natural (she stretched her relaxer, relaxed ends broke off, natural hair kept growing, and I complain every time she mentions a relaxer). I don’t remember what my natural hair looks like because my mother relaxed my hair at a young age but she claims it was even curlier than hers… this is childish but I want curls to play in too lol. It would a long term transition for me, chopping off my hair and starting fresh just would not be for me! It would be too traumatic, and my BF would kill me haha (♥ you baby!)
So those are my reasons. Who knows, maybe I’ll forego my touch up that set for November 7th and just let it groooowww.
Q: Any currently relaxed ladies feel the same way I do? Do you think about transitioning every time you stretch?

*forgive quickly. kiss slowly. love truly. laugh uncontrollably*


  1. How do you feel about this now? I just came out of doing weaves and I am debating keeping my hair in the "transitioning" form or relaxing. How did you decide?

    1. Author

      I still plan on going natural, just not now. I'm enjoying my texlaxed hair and plan to keep texlaxing for a while.

  2. I know this is delayed, but I decided to go natural in 2006 and just recently went back to relaxing. When I transitioned I didn't chop my hair off and I had a great stylist to help me. I basically maintained weaves for about a year until my relaxer was all out with minor trims in between. My hair was a nice length and much thicker. When it wasn't weaved, I had her press it with a hot comb and I even had a chance to dye my hair which I never did when I had a relaxer (too scared of the extra chemicals). The color made my hair softer. Yet, I only did that once and a few rinses because I still wasn't to big on permanent dying. Now that I'm relaxing again I've experienced (to me) severe breakage and had my hair cut very short. (THE SHORTEST IVE EVER HAD) My hair has always been at my collarbone length for most of my life. Now it's right above by hair and very thin and dry. So for those thinking about transitioning you don't have to cut all the relaxed hair out,but be very patient on slowing letting it grow and possibly trimming it out. I loved being natural yet I hated the constant heat and minimal styling options.

  3. I recently decided to transition (2 months in) so this comment is going to be a little biased. Before my last relaxer, I stretched for 5 months and could not stop playing in my new growth. Like you, I don't remember what my natural hair looks like but when the curls started popping up I would get really excited. I decided to relax and immediately after i regretted it. I missed my new growth. That was when I decided that I was going to stop relaxing. My reasons are a lot like yours. I have a 7year old sister who is natural. She asks me why her hair as pretty as her classmates. Broke my heart. I want to be an example for her and for my daughters to come that the hair that grows out of her head is both beautiful and can be managed with the right techniques. My other reasons includes wanting to see what God had in mind when He created me w/ my texture (He's so detailed when it comes to beauty) and wanting thick bouncy hair. I must also add that I hate the feeling of awkwardness (borderline unattractive feeling) when it's time for a relaxer and feeling like I NEED a relaxer to be fresh. I plan to transition for AT LEAST a year and really enjoy the process. I don't think short hair fits me either. Anywho, I'm not trying to convince you but wanted to share my reasons for transitioning. I suggest really thinking about it and weighing out the pros and cons. I ended making a list for both sides and natural fit me more. Whatever you decide to do, know that your hair is a gift. Thanks for reading my long post lol

  4. Author

    @love.akihsoy: I'm worried about how much heat damage I'd be causing too. I hate flat ironing my hair lol! Thank you for the well wishes! 🙂

    @Traycee: I accidently texlaxed my last touch up and I love it. I've been contemplating switching to texlaxing before transitioning too. So many options!

    @TheNightNurse: I can't keep my hands away from my NG

    @Anon: I've thought about switching to texlaxing as well

    Thanks for all the responses ladies!

  5. Both my cousin and I tried out being natural. We've decided against it lol. Don't get me wrong everytime I stretch I contemplate it I love playing in my new growth. But 2-3 hr detangling sessions are not for me, neither is a fro or twist outs that really look like mush. I'm not into straight hair either. Truly for me, my preference is to wear my 4a/b hair texlaxed. I've always loved/admired Spanish hair growing up and truth be told texlaxing is the best of both worlds for me 🙂 Perhaps I'll grow it out when I am old or maybe not…def not looking that far ahead right now lol.

  6. My natural texture doesn't have a curl or wave pattern.. Through the years I have transitioned a few times…

    This I decided to start texlaxing my hair so that I can rock some curly styles

  7. I think about it a lot, actually! I love my natural, 4b NG and I wanna see what my hair would look like natural. BUT I love wearing my hair straight and I think I'd do more harm than good trying to straighten my hair out every however often…

    Good luck with your decision, either way, I'm sure you'll maintain your healthy, pretty hair!!

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