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My 10 week stretch comes to an end tomorrow morning at 9am, I have an appointment for my touch up. Since starting my hair journey in March 2009, 10 weeks will be the shortest stretch so far, the longest being 14 weeks.

I have to say that this was my least fulfilling stretch. My stretch this time around was initially supposed to last until January 30th at 12 weeks but I’m just tired of dealing with the two textures. I love playing with my new growth and feeling the waves and curls but I’m a little tired of wincing while detangling (I’m extremely tender-headed).

I also stopped wrapping my hair (the traditional way) around week 6 when the brush began to snag on my thickening new growth. For the last 5 weeks I’ve been putting 4-5 sections of my hair in big pin curls. Since I haven’t worn my hair down for the last couple weeks, aside from the day after I washed my hair, pin curling my hair working out fine for me. Please excuse the messiness of it all, I stopped caring about how neat the pin curls were. But I’m very happy I decided to pin curl my hair at night rather then wrapping, I was able to give my hair a break from all the manipulation.

I only have one regret during this stretch: my choice of protective styling. I’m happy I kept my hair off my shoulders and away from my scarfs and coats for week, I’m not too thrill about my method. Out of habit and just plain laziness in the morning I wore my hair pinned up with a clip for weeks, sometimes through a headband on, sometimes not. Disappointing huh? haha

Goals for my upcoming stretch:

  • Varying my protective styling
  • Deep conditioning more 2X a week as my stretch wears on
  • Focusing on strengthening and thickening my hair
  • Pre-pooing again… maybe
  • Consistently seal my moisturizer with extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil

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