No breakage, YAY!

I’m experiencing no breakage this week! I’m not sure if I should attribute this to pre-pooing with ORS Hair Mayo (light/medium protein) and the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor (light protein) I used on my last wash day or if it’s because I’ve been moisturizing with ORS Olive Oil (in jar) and sealing with coconut oil, I use Spectrum brand.

I’ve never been able to find a good moisturizer that left my hair feeling soft but ORS Olive Oil is doing the trick. Sealing in the moisturizer with coconut oil really helps my hair lock in moisture. I’ve been making sure I moisturize and seal my ends really well as they’re the oldest and weakest part of the hair strand. Coconut oil absorbs really well into my hair but after 4 days of applying BeeMine Serum, along with moisturizer and oil, my hair is starting to get on the greasy side as my hair is producing its own natural oil and well as those added on.

All and all, there are no little broken strands of hair, other than normal shedding*

*shedding and breakage are two very different things. Shedding is natural: white bulbs on the ends; breakage: hair breaks mid-strand and should be stopped a.s.a.p.


  1. Hi jeni,
    Thanks a lot for your blog, I was thinking about big choping my hair when I found your blog!! yay, something like some hope in my eyes! lol
    I just want to ask you two things :

    Primo : how often do you wash your hair?
    Secundo : can you explain how you lock the moisturizing product with oil?

  2. You had me worried lol. You have beautiful healthy hair, very pretty
    natural color too 🙂

  3. Hi Estelle, I no longer use it, trashed it a while ago haha.

  4. I'm surprised you are using ORS Olive Oil since it contains Petrolatum and 2 Parabens.
    I bought it once and loved the smell, I was so excited to use it but as soon as I saw the ingredients
    I put it in the trash.

  5. Thanks for the clarification on shedding and breakage. I thought all along i was shedding but its breakage definitely.. doing tea rinses to help with that. So far so good

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